On April 14th at the San Diego Superior Court (220 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101), a hearing will convene re: a Coastal Commission permit granted to Southern California Edison that will allow the company to bury dozens of containers of radioactive waste at San Onofre, just barely above the waterline, near major earthquake fault lines. Once buried, that waste will be dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years, a silent nuclear time bomb.

At 1pm on April 14th, there will be a press conference at the steps of the courthouse, intended to show that the community is concerned about keeping that waste, well, somewhere else. Somewhere not on a popular beach near millions of people, with rising sea levels and earthquake dangers and lord knows what else posing a containment threat.

The organizers of the press conference request that if you are in fact concerned, that you attend, but please act respectfully.

The hearing itself will begin at 2pm, and again, if you’d like to attend to share your concerns, by all means do so. But do so peacefully.

For more information, visit Public Watchdogs, which has a list of facts to know about nuclear waste storage.

[Photo: Ellis]