Tears From The Gulf

This really shouldn’t be happening. I shouldn’t be the one to write of this travesty. I’m much too close to the subject in peril: The Gulf of Mexico. These waters make up 90% of my body. As I cry for the Gulf, my tears taste of its salt. Without a childhood learning to surf on the playful waves or fishing such fertile grounds, I would have never built the foundations that would see me achieve a life filled of my wildest dreams.


Now, sitting here at the very same spot as so many days before, watching 4 generations of Lopez’s frolic in the pool-like conditions, a deep sorrow fills me despite such beauty and harmony. For at this very moment, not far to the Northwest of my location, an invasion of oil turns the environment toxic. Corruption and money are at fault. Everything I love is in jeopardy.

The youngest Lopez’s, although fortunate to be enjoying this moment and oblivious to what is to come, may never have the same opportunity to forge a similar bond and skill set as previous generations before them. With the days passing by with even more oil entering the Gulf at a truly disturbing rate, we are all witnesses to the contamination of one of the world's greatest treasures.