Editor’s Note: The Underdogs Issue

Editor's Note: The Underdogs Issue

I felt like the odd man out sitting on the boil at Rockpile, flanked on either side by a half dozen pros known for rushing the heaviest Hawaiian surf. Seeing as how I’m known for writing things like this magazine intro from the safet[...]

Punta de Lobos Saved…Forever

Punta de Lobos Saved ... Forever

Even in this challenging world, good news happens. Crazy, but it’s true. Like just this week. Punta de Lobos, the beautiful, powerful, majestic lefthander along Chile’s coast, was named a World Surfing Reserve by the Save t[...]

Read It: ‘Taj. By Respondek’

Read It: 'Taj. By Respondek'

In a 2016 interview, Sean Doherty asked Taj Burrow if, 18 years after he qualified for the World Tour, that Yallingup grommet still kicks around inside of him. “We’re pretty similar, I reckon,” Taj answered. “No[...]