Over 30,000 People Comment on Australian Oil Drilling Plan

Aussies Continue Fighting Big Oil

The folks Down Under have not taken this whole Norwegian-oil-company-drilling-their-pristine-southern-waters thing lightly. Over the past month, in response to would-be-oil-driller Equinor’s environmental draft plan for the Great[...]

The BSR Surf Resort Reopens to the Public

BSR Surf Resort Reopens

As soon as you enter the BSR Surf Resort (home of arguably the most rippable artificial waves on the planet) and set foot on the expansive white-sand beach fronting the pool, the first thing you'll likely notice is a big blue sign that[...]

Emi Erickson Will Carve Her Own Path in Big-Wave Surfing

Emi Erickson Interview

Recent Nelscott Reef Pro event winner Emi Erickson only started surfing 10 years ago–which is surprising, considering she often paddles out at the world’s scariest breaks and is among the best big-wave chargers in the world[...]

How Will the American Surf Team Prep for the 2020 Olympics?

How USA will Prep for the Olympics

When it comes to coaching the best surfers in the world, Chris Stone (formerly Gallagher) isn’t exactly wet behind the ears. Over the past decade, the former ‘CT competitor and veteran shaper has been a staple in the compet[...]

The Art of Surfing While Pregnant

The Art of Surfing While Pregnant

If you surf Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz, CA, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed a group of women regularly gathering on the beach with their young children–some of the women wearing bright pink shirts saying “Baby on Bo[...]

Barron Mamiya is an Unstoppable Talent

Barron Mamiya is an Unstoppable Talent

It takes a rare kind of talent to navigate Pipeline backside with finesse and swagger. At 19-years-old, Hawaiian phenom Barron Mamiya has that kind of talent in spades, which you can clearly see in his new edit above. After achieving q[...]