“Cult to Culture” Showcases LeRoy Grannis’ Iconic Surf Photography

Don't Miss LeRoy Grannis' Photo Exhibit

All photos by LeRoy Grannis Iconic surf photographer LeRoy Grannis (1917-2011) lived the type of surf life that most romanticize. He was surfing Malibu in the 1930s when six people in the water was considered "crowded." When Grannis de[...]

Behind the Scenes of “Handmade”

Go Behind the Scenes of "Handmade"

"On day two I got some other tools, because the cheese grater wasn't really cutting it," deadpanned a dust-caked, purple-haired Andrew Doheny. He was describing his first handshaping experience—one that apparently involved variou[...]

And Now a Gorgeous Surfboard: Zack Flores’ Jim Phillips-Inspired Log

And Now a Gorgeous Surfboard

9’6″ x 22 1/2″ "I started shaping when I was 10, just making boards in my garage," says 18-year-old shaper and logger Zack Flores. "I started by watching Jim Phillips—I just sat in his room for 2 years watching [...]