Texas Wavepool Rodeo

Gallery: Waco Wavepool Rodeo

Crayola currently has 152 colors of Crayons in production. If you were to open up an “Ultimate Crayon Collection Box,” and run your finger across the section of blues, tightly nestled between “Caribbean Blue” an[...]

The Battleground Below

NZ Surfers Fight Seabed-mining

[This article is featured in SURFER Vol. 59, Issue 4, on newsstands now.] All photos by Ryan Craig. The courtroom felt comically small, like a halogen-lit shoebox, even before people started cramming in. Tucked away on the basement flo[...]

Parko on Andy Irons’ Prescription Drug Addiction

Parko: Opioids Changed Andy

Teton Gravity Research’s film “Andy Irons: Kissed by God” is touring now! Check the schedule to see screenings near you.  Teton Gravity Research is also excited to announce international screenings with a variety of [...]

Steph Wins, Proper-like

Doherty Report: Steph Wins, Proper-like

After waiting 20 years for the women to return to Jeffrey's Bay, it's felt like we've had to wait another 20 years to finally finish their event. Did you even remember it was on? Does it feel like a lifetime ago since they ran their fi[...]