Kids these days, am I right? Looking at the youth of today, with their Soundcloud rap, their vinyl records, their Doc Martens, their "Okurr," etc., it's easy for anyone from the generation of CDs, thick-tongued DC's, and Lil' John to feel out of touch. Especially, as it pertains to surfing, where it seems more and more minors are scaling our hollowed mountains of surf, summits previously reserved for those with, at the very least, a driver's license. Just in the last few months we've seen clips of adolescents like NorCal's Luca Padua tackling Mavs and Tudor scion Tosh pulling in deep at Pipe.

Well, it seems 14-year-old Kobi Clements received an invite to the mocktail party. Volcom recently dropped the short clip above of the Aussie youth's 2019 Hawaiian campaign. Just short of 90 seconds, the video features a lifetime's worth of grown-up turns, as well as some mature navigation of big-boy Pipe bombs. Hit play, but be prepared to feel inadequate.