Whether you’re looking to update your Instagram feed or are simply tired of scrolling through shark videos, here are 20 IG accounts that should be on your “must follow” list for 2018. It’s a mix of feel-good follows, laughter, DIY, creativity, and spun words. But before you take a look at the catalogue below, please take a second and follow The Surfrider Foundation . That’s one double-tap we can all get behind.


Andrew Kidman
An account filled with beautiful surfboards usually shot in stunning Australian landscape, with the bonus of occasional shots from Kidman’s film “Litmus.”

Custom spaceships. Dimension splitter.

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A-Frame King
This is some of the best mindsurfing you could find on social media.

Richard Kenvin’s exploration into the intersections of hydrodynamic theory and surfing is a great source of strange board designs, and RK’s surfing is all the inspiration you need to continue making surfing the focal point of a life well-lived.

World Surf Lols
It takes a particularly demented and brilliant mind to come up with the insane photo mashups on this account. We wish they posted more often.

“So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious”

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Leah Dawson
Always riding fascinating boards in good waves, Dawson’s feed is full of quick reminders of surfing’s beauty.

May this year be full of realized dreams. May we come to know ourselves fuller, with more love and gratitude with each passing day. May we seek the truth, consistently updating our feelings on the meaning of life and what we’re all doing here anyways. May we find peacefulness in the moments, treasure the joy, spread the love, share the passion. We are all beautiful entities of this great place. Unified, how powerful we become. I love this photo by @instaclamfunk because it is a dream realized. For ages, Ive wanted to be a part of a dry hair shot. Silly, for sure. While my hair isn’t totally void of the salt water here, it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to that moment. I often play the game with myself and the sea, to see how long I can keep my hair dry. I love it because sometimes you feel like you are in total control, and the next moment you pop over a wave, realizing you have to go under the next, forfeiting the game once again to the sea. On this particular session, I laughed on the way out through the channel, taking facefulls of water while trying to preserve my dry head. It’s in these times, laughter with the sea, that bring me outstanding joy. Having a conversation with the sea feels so pure. This year, I dream to converse more with our nature, to learn her languages deeper, for appreciation and awe to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Elated to get to create with @theseea , these suits are more than waterwear, they are soul-wear May our spirits soar!!!!!

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Chasing Minis
Chasing Minis is a collection of the small moments you don’t often see in the ocean.

Slaying 2018 already 📷 @danovisions

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Surfcore 2001
Surfcore2001 is a surf advertorial history book of the early 2000’s (often questionable) style. You may remember the ad that sold you your favorite pair of shin-length trunks that looked great with your spiked hair, flame-covered button up and puffy Osiris kicks.

Ok grom, uncle surfcore here, heard you've been having a rough one at school. 🏫back when I was in grade 8 I had this shot laminated onto my maths book. 📓 It really changed shit up. When that recess bell rang there'd be a queue around the cricket shed of chicks begging to give me a wristie. ✊🏻 At lunch, the headmaster would come down and suck back a boags light and a menthol cig in the carpark with me. 🥂Everyone started respecting me for the bong-lunging corelord I was, even the 6'4 islander kid with the diamond earrings was backing me. 💎 Anyways I dropped out in grade 9 to lay turf with Dad which was pretty sick ♻️ So yeah, take this photo of Andy putting the staunch-eye on the Photog, you'll be a locker-room legend before you can say 'shotgun kings' 🔥#surf #core #andy #irons #stauncheyes #morecoredivision #verifiedcorelord #andyirons #respectbrah #lockerroomcorelords #truantsofinstagram #cricketshedcones #2001acoreoddessy #osirisd3s #globechets #mentholsandmidstrengths #tuckshopfundamentals #shottieskings #nahcuntyourdunce #ialreadyshottiesit #nahyoudidnthearme #arcupmate

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Da Hui 808
Other than posting local surf content, Da Hui posts news and updates that everyone from, or interested in, Hawaiian surf culture should be aware of.

When it comes to preserving our history, no one is doing it better than Matt Warshaw.

Axel Irons
Managed and ran by mother Lyndie, it's a small glimpse into the active life of Axel Irons. That face is as close to Andy as you can get. A feel-good follow.

happy A L O H A friday

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Tyler Allen
The world's greatest surf personality impersonator. He’s mastered the voices of Trump, Gabby, Kelly and Glenn Hall and we can't wait to see who he impersonates next. His skits continue to get better and better as well.

Herbie Fletcher
Who doesn't love the Fletcher family? It’s like wife Dibi Fletcher's account, but a little more straightforward and more surf focused.

Art Brewer
Art Brewer has an incredible Instagram feed. It's good to see Art come around to social media and he's hitting it hard now, showcasing his iconic surf photos from the last half-century.

The account showcasing some of the best tow-in, big-wave surf antics.

Surfboard Broker
If you’re obsessed with testing new crafts, but are on a tight budget, check this account to scour used goodies each day.

Albee Layer
Albee Layer, for some obnoxious surf commentary throughout every 'CT event.

Social anxiety 📷 @clubmedsucks

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World Softboard League
World Softboard League. Keep it fun and soft.

Eric Maurus
Eric Maurus grew up in the Basque Country near Biarritz, in a small village. Today he spends his time between Guethary and Honolulu, painting, creating, and designing surfboards inspired from Hawaiian surf culture.

Blaze Syka
This isn't your average doodling account.

Blacks – recent commission

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Chas Smith
Surf captions + viral videos = Chas Smith of BeachGrit

Working on my 2018 claims…@chapmanbaehler @jakenodar

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