Our Team of Analysts Break Down This Year’s World Tour Roster

A Dissection Of The 2010 ASP World Tour

Shea Lopez, Mike "Snips" Parsons, Sunny Garcia, Pat O'Connell, and Luke Egan dissect the 2010 ASP World Tour.

1. Mick Fanning, 28
Tweed Heads, Australia
Years on Tour: 8
2009 Highlights: 2009 World Champion
Fantasy Surfer Value: $12.5 Million
Mick is without a doubt a threat for another World Title. His surfing is too consistent and perfect for him not to be. If I were to pick apart his surfing, I'd say his only weakness is 540s and Rodeos, but those only come into play a couple heats a year. Mick will always have an advantage at Snapper, J-Bay, and Trestles, but he's stepped up his game on his backside and barrel-riding to where he's on a par with even the best guys at their specialty spots. Mick picks apart waves from start to finish without mistakes, and that is what gets you to finals and ultimately wins you World Titles. --Shea
Prediction: Top 5

2. Joel Parkinson, 28
Coolangatta, Australia
Years on Tour: 9
2009 Highlights: 1st Snapper, Bells, and J-Bay
Fantasy Surfer Value: $12 Million
What a year this guy had in 2009. I feel for him. Parko always suffered from the fact that his greatest strength is also his greatest weakness--namely, that he's just too effortless. But he seemed to solve that last year. There isn't much to say about Parko's surfing--he's proven himself in every condition, but the unknown factor is going to be how he bounces back from losing the title to Mick. He'll either get pissed and win everything, or he'll go back to being a Top 5 competitor. It's up to him. --Sunny
Prediction: Top 5

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