2013 Photo Annual

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When photographers are shooting images every day they start to see life in pictures. It's like they're looking through a lens at all times. They start to build compositions of everything, eliminating objects and isolating the subject matter, or placing it in the perfect spot in the composition. The same goes for light and shade; every scenario gets worked out before the camera enters into the equation.

Since photography is a visual medium, this framing and composing can consume a photographer's every waking moment. But if anything, this obsessiveness prepares them for that fleeting moment when all the elements come together.

The pages of the 2013 Photo Annual are a small slice of the wide and diverse spectrum of surf photography on display each month in SURFER Magazine. They are fine examples of photographers successfully making quick and calculated decisions when that peak moment arrives. They are the payoff from long days devoted to capturing new and innovative perspectives on waves and surfing.

They are the best photographs taken by the best photographers in the business today. Enjoy.

Grant Ellis
Photo Editor, SURFER Magazine

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