The holidays are all about sharing your time (and money) with loved ones. And if you’re looking to get that surfer in your life something they’ll truly appreciate, take a quick look through the SURFER staff’s favorite surf products. You’ll find everything from affordable stocking stuffers to not-so-affordable, wall-hanging collectibles.


“If you get a heated RinseKit, there's no way to avoid a bit of heckling from your friends for being the softest, most bourgeois surfer at your local break. But if you let them get so much as a foot rinse from your jacuzzi-temp mobile shower on a cold winter day, they'll be eating their words when they get home and feel an overwhelming urge to click ‘add to cart’ and start enjoying that pampered surf life. This holiday gift recommendation is actually two products: one, a RinseKit Lux with an attached shower head and a port for a heating rod, and two, the hot water rod itself that can be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter to heat up your water. Hot water after cold sessions? Yeah, sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones. Hecklers be damned.” –Todd Prodanovich, Editor
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“Probably my favorite and most practical surf accessory that I own. It's just a glorified tote bag, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. It's waterproof and bulletproof, so you can throw wetsuits, wax, fins—basically everything but your board—into this thing and then throw it anywhere. The ever-moist bottom of a boat, the beer-can-laden bed of your slovenly friend's pickup—your surf gear is blissfully untainted. It's also much more practical to move around than a plastic bin, seeing as how it has handles and can be folded into tight spaces, and when it's empty it stands open and rigid with plenty of space to stand and change in and out of your suit. This is a tote bag if said tote was born on Krypton, received superpowers here on earth and was filled with a profound sense of duty to protect your surf shit.” –Todd Prodanovich, Editor
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“George Greenough's groundbreaking 4-A fin design is the reason why high-aspect ratio fins are the standard today. Greenough developed the fin in the ’60s after being inspired by the way tuna carry momentum through their turns in the water. He slapped one on the bottom of his board and the rest is history. Who doesn't love getting a piece of functional surf history as a gift? True Ames currently has an edition of Greenough's 4-A fin with the nautical chart of the Southern California Bight glassed into it. Not only will this fin look rad on your board, but you can use it as a map when your GPS loses service while hunting waves between San Diego and Point Conception.” –Ben Waldron, Online Editor
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“Booties. Can't stand'em, don't like 'em but sometimes the water is so cold and frigid that they become a necessary evil so my feet don’t freeze. Solite's "game-changing" booties are light, flexible and haven't made me feel like I'm wearing cement shoes when surfing on those extra cold mornings or urchin-y spots. Using hot water, the malleable insole molds to your feet, the same way a mouthguard does to your mouth, for a feel that's second only to surfing barefoot.” –Ben Waldron, Online Editor


“The image stabilizer of the GoPro 7 makes this camera so much better than the previous models. It corrects for camera shake and just produces a really high-quality image. It’s also got voice control and social video streaming, if you’re into those types of things.” –Grant Ellis, Photo Editor
Buy the camera here for $400


“A Skip Frye Glider is the number 1 thing on my dream wish list. It’s something you’ll have forever–you can ride it on small days or you can hang it on your wall. Skip Frye is such an iconic San Diego-based shaper, and his gliders are rare and absolutely beautiul.” –Grant Ellis, Photo Editor
Price: Great question


“The Haydenshapes Holy Grail is one of the most fun boards I've ridden. San Diego doesn't really get pumping waves all the time, so I had been riding my fishes, bonzers and logs around town. But since getting the Holy Grail, I've been taking it out in all manner of conditions this winter and I really love how versatile the board can be. It gives you a ton of drive, is very maneuverable on the face and paddles like a dream. Simply put, the board has reinvigorated my love for performance boards and I highly suggest adding one to your quiver.” –Adam Jara, Social Media Manager
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“Good sunglasses are easier than ever to find, so for a company to stand out, they really need to be doing something unique. Costa Sunglasses fit the bill. They make the frames of their glasses from recycled fishing nets, but you’d never be able to tell—the quality is superb. The frames are also fully recyclable at the end of their life. While so many sunglass makers use plastic lenses, these babies sport mineral glass lenses. They scratch less, provide crystal-clear vision and have a satisfying heft to them. Terrific at the beach, while driving, or even fishing—the polarized lenses cut through glare like a hot knife through butter—they work great and it feels great supporting them.” –Justin Housman, Features Editor
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“When you get old, hangovers last longer. Your feet ache from that one time you broke your foot trying to pull into a closeout in front of Luke Davis. This is when putting on shoes to start your day is the worst. Slippers are Ibuprofen for your feet. Go ahead, be lazy. Double down and wear with socks.” –Pete Taras, Digital Director
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“I wrote about this Anti-Plastic Bundle before, but now that the holidays are here, I'd definitely recommend getting this as a stocking stuffer for that oft-traveling surfer in your life. The Anti-Plastic Bundle is a handy-dandy little travel kit sold by the Changing Tides Foundation (a non-profit organization whose goal is to encourage travelers to reduce the number of plastics left behind in the places we explore) and it runs for about $60. It includes a reusable bag, a bamboo utensil set, a glass straw, Kala cloths (reusable beeswax cloths that you can use to store food or whatever instead of plastic bags), and a reusable stainless steel cup. It should come as no surprise that we've got a massive plastic problem on our hands, so this is just one small step towards producing less waste while we look for perfect waves.” -Ashtyn Douglas-Rosa, Managing Editor
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“This watch—which I've purchased for my husband in the past—has probably prevented me from getting fired on more than one occasion. I'm terrible at gauging how long I've been out in the water, and if I didn't have this watch near me, I'd likely go in late to work most days. Plus, knowing what the tides is doing helps you figure out if you should leave early. Just kidding (kind of).” -Ashtyn Douglas-Rosa, Managing Editor
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