This SURFER Awards category serves as a reminder that, although surf edits become seemingly shorter and shorter as the years progress, brief can still pack a hefty punch. Over the course of 2018, some of the world’s most talented surfers produced jaw-dropping shorts that were bursting at the seams with beautiful visuals and high-intensity maneuvers. From the George Trimm masterpiece “Blue Intensity,” featuring the Gudauskas brothers and John Florence’s cinematic banger “Space” to the high-octane shred edits “Head Noise” (feat. Noa Deane), “Homebody” (feat. Brendon Gibbens) and “Video No. 4” (feat. Chippa Wilson), the nominees for this year’s Best Short category will be memorable years to come. Kick your feet up and watch (or rewatch) the edits below and let us know who you think should win in the comments below.

“Blue Intensity” by George Trimm, starring Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas

“Head Noise” by Mikey Mallalieu, starring Noa Deane

“Homebody” by Blake Myers, starring Brendon Gibbens

“Space” by Parallel Sea, starring John John Florence

“Video No. 4” by The Octopus, starring Chippa Wilson