In a few weeks, the women’s final event of the 2018 season, the Beachwaver Maui Pro will be underway–as will the neck-and-neck title showdown. This marks a special year for Steph Gilmore and Lakey Peterson–the two women in the race for the title. For Gilmore, it’s her chance to add another mark to her title-winning tally–something she hasn’t done since 2014. And for Peterson, it’s her shot at making history as the first world champ from California since the likes of Mr. Tom Curren–oh, and she’d be securing her first world title in the process.

But according to the number crunchers at the WSL, Peterson’s got her work cut out for her if she wants to take her maiden title in Maui. Here’s a quick look at the scenarios:

-If Gilmore finishes 5th or worse, Peterson must win the event to force a surf-off for the World Title;

-Gilmore will win the World Title with a 3rd or better (once she advances through the Quarterfinals) at the Beachwaver Maui Pro

So if Gilmore gets to the quarters and triumphs, she’s a seven-time world champ. But if she falls, then Peterson’s got an open opportunity to take the cake. Not only will she need to win the entire event, she’ll have to succeed in going head-to-head with Gilmore in a surf-off (the format of which, the WSL says, will be determined by the Commissioner’s Office.)

Both women grew up honing their #flawless styles at world-class right-hand points, so both have the ability and competitive grit to win at a place like Honolua Bay. Who do you think will take the 2018 World Title?