The Red Bull Cape Fear contest has officially been given the green light and the world’s most unflinching big-wave surfers are now making their way to Shipstern Bluff–Tasmania’s infamous mutant slab. As you likely remember from years past, the carnage-producing, invitation-only event normally runs on the southern side of Botany Bay at Cape Solander, otherwise known as “Ours”. But this year the contest organizers decided to give it all a big go at Shippies. If the waves look anything at all like the one featured in the photo above, then it’ll no doubt be an entertaining show. Which will take place, by the way, on May 13th.

Twenty intrepid surfers have been invited to the event, including Nathan Florence, defending Cape Fear champ Russell Bierke, Ryan Hipwood, James Hollmer Cross, Billy Kemper, Laurie Towner and more. Even 3x World Champ Mick Fanning got the invite. The format will be comprised of four, five-man heats and the winner of each one will move onto what will surely be an anxiety-inducing final round.

If you’re interested in watching death-defying tubes and white-knuckle performances at one of the scariest-looking waves on the planet, tune in to Red Bull TV on Monday, Tasmania time. And if you’d like a little taste of what’s to come, check out the highlights (and wipeouts) from the 2016 event below.