Surfing and cystic fibrosis. While ostensibly these two things have very little in common, the Second Annual PacSun Pipeline to a Cure Gala held in Huntington Beach last weekend proved just the opposite.

As one of the keynote speakers for the night, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ambassador and local Huntington surfer Emily Haager explained the daily trials of living with CF as well as surfing's revitalizing effects, noting how the prospect of another session often gives her the strength to endure painstaking hospital treatments.

In fact, salt water's positive effects on CF patients have proven to be more than just holistic, as the New England Journal of Medicine verified the benefit of hypertonic saline therapy, where patients inhale sterilized saltwater to rid the lungs of mucus and clear breathing pathways. So for CF patients, a session in salt water truly does right by the mind, body, and soul, initiating a truly restorative effect.

With Laird Hamilton and David Kalama co-chairing this year's event and a performance by Shiny Toy Guns, over $300,000 were raised in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's search for a cure. With one in 4,000 Americans born with cystic fibrosis each year, the disease is known to shorten life expectancy, cause difficulty breathing due to an excess of mucus production, and frequently make its victims cough up blood.

"Right now. That's all we have," said event Co-Chair Dave Kalama. "And that's something we'd like to celebrate tonight: the gift of right now," With $300,000 donated towards finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, among the CF and surfing communities there is certainly much to celebrate.

Musical act, Shiny Toy Guns, concluded the night’s festivities. Photo: Weisberg