It's not rare to show up at a surf contest and see guys with big guns when you are in Hawaii. The difference here is that the guys with the big guns are not toting the kind we ride. They were the guys that tell you to get out of the water. They were the Military and we were welcome for one weekend to surf one of the best beachbreaks in the country, Point Mugu Naval Base. The surf ranged from really good to really bad. From high tide with wild backwash that had the crowd of over 1500 cheering with each explosion to glassy, low-tide, dredging barrels. With six divisions competing over the two days, along with great bands playing on the stage, it was an event not to miss.

Saturday started with some fun waves that quickly turned to poor conditions with a south wind and high tide that made every ride a challenge. The surfers that suffered through the conditions were rewarded with very good conditions on Sunday. I watched groms get barrels, Military guys get barrels, bodyboarders get barrels, and Dane Reynolds launching airs where others would pull in. There was an Expression Session with Dane Reynolds, Kalani Robb, Sean Hayes, Christian Fletcher, and Pascal Stansfeld that kept the crowd on the edge of the rocks.

In the Open Mens division, Noah Erickson (Ventura) put on a masterful display of tube-riding. In each of his six heats he posted at least one 9+ ride, racking up three of the highest heat scores and entertaining the crowd of spectators. With the support of the crew from Revolution Surf Shop cheering him on, he posted the highest score of the Final to secure the win. Adam Virs was a close second by blowing the top of more than a few waves, and Keoni Cuccia and Dennis Rizzo rounded out the top four.

Luke Davis made the drive up from the O.C. to compete and snag a few barrels, and he did just that in the Final. Luke sat as far to the south as he could and let the other three finalists scramble for waves. He scored two deep pits on his way to first place with Chance Lawson, Taylor Curran, and Jake Kelly taking home the original 30mm Anti-Tank bullets that were made into trophies.

This was a great event and one that everyone involved with can't wait for it to happen again.

Final Results:

Open Mens
1. Noah Erickson
2. Adam Virs
3. Keoni Cuccia
4. Dennis Rizzo

Young Guns
1. Luke Davis
2. Chance Lawson
3. Taylor Curran
4. Jake Kelly

1. Skylar Peak
2. Jeff Belzer
3. Larry Ugale
4. Ryan Cardone

1. Jordan De La Vega
2. Chole Buckley
3. Chelsea Rauhut
4. Demi Boelsterli

1. Jason Blanchard
2. Felix Rivas
3. Julien Durand
4. Blake Peterson

Military Mens
1. Mathew Merel
2. Jeffery Eason
3. Jonothan Flick
4. Mike Carter