So we couldn't get the real Julian Wilson. Big deal. We found someone else to attend the Hawaii premiere of Scratching the Surface. His hair was blonde, his shirt was pink, his attitude positive. The drinks had been flowing long enough that no one would notice. "Right this way, Mr. Wilson, welcome to your movie."
So yeah, technically we had an impostor, and no it wasn't Adam Durrant* and yes, the movie premiered out here about a month later than anywhere else. But that didn't stop us from tearing the roof off the building for the Hawaii debut of the flick. Flocks of surfers, miscreants, and people with questionable intentions flooded Lulu's Bar in Waikiki for the movie, all wanting to catch a glimpse of the Golden Boy in celluloid action. Although recollections of the film remain a bit hazy, I do recall a fair of amount of hoots from the audience, the real Julian Wilson driving an Audi A-3 through a forest, a lot of airs, and stumbling home. It was a raucous affair with a live band and a morning headache. It was everything a surf movie premiere should be. So kudos, Julian Wilson and fake Julian Wilson. Well done. From your tow-in session to footage of your childhood, we were impressed with the film.
If you couldn't make it to any of the premieres, the film was just dropped on iTunes for you to download. Definitely worth a look.
*Adam Durrant is a fictitious Internet phenomenon that doubles for Julian Wilson. Click here for more on this cunning ruse.