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Five prime photos from features in our October Issue

A decade ago Skeleton Bay didn’t exist, and now it might be the world’s best wave. For our October Issue, we paid tribute to the fleeting nature of world-class, sand-bottom waves, Skeleton Bay obviously included. For a sneak peek at what’s inside the mag, here are five shots from features that made the cut:

Santa Barbara's Sandspit, one of the best sand points according to Tom Curren. Photo: Keith

Santa Barbara’s Sandspit, which Tom Curren claims to be one of the best sand-bottom points in the world. Photo: Keith

The Five Greatest Sand Points According to Tom Curren | There are few people in the world who have surfed as many perfect pointbreaks—and none with as much style—as Tom Curren. From flawless lefthanders grinding across the Basque Country to a California river mouth that only comes to life once a decade, Curren breaks down the world’s best sand-bottom points.

WATCH: Sandspit’s Wave of the Hurricane Marie Swell

Harrison Roach

Harrison Roach, comfortable on any shaped board, forward or backward. Photo: Dodds

Out of Step | As a natural-born noserider, Harrison Roach has become known as one of the world’s most talented longboarders. But he’s far from a one-trick pony. Roach has style to burn whether he’s riding a high-performance thruster or a channel-bottom single-fin, and he’s using his versatility to carve a different path in surfing. Writer Ben Mondy explores how Roach’s versatility is setting him apart from the surfing establishment.

Alex Smith in a barrel of a lifetime at Skeleton Bay. Photo: Van Gysen

Alex Smith in a barrel of a lifetime at Skeleton Bay. Photo: Van Gysen

Sand Sculptures, Pt. 1 | Sandbars are nothing if not dynamic. They’re in a state of constant flux, forming world-class barrels one day only to disappear completely the next. We look at this fleeting phenomenon through the lens of two dreamy sandbars: First, the one at the edge of the Namibian desert.

WATCH: Diamond of the Desert

Mikala Jones in Indonesia. Photo: Brad Masters

Mikala Jones, tucking into a sand-bottom gem in Indonesia. Photo: Masters

Sand Sculptures, Pt. 2 | And next, shots from the hunt for a mythical sand-bottom point hidden deep in an Indonesian Jungle. We explored it with Mikala Jones and Asher Pacey, and found that exclusive and fleeting sequence of tide, wind, swell, sand, and direction for a magic session.

Kevin Ancell. Photo: Grant Ellis

Artist and surfer Kevin Ancell has fought his way back from the brink of death to create his best work yet. Photo: Ellis

Into The Light | A little over a year ago, California-based surfer and artist Kevin Ancell found himself heading down a dark path that nearly ended his life. But with the help of a friend, Ancell has fought his way back from the brink to create some of his best work yet.