5 Surf Films That Blew Dane Reynolds’ Mind

With First Chapter and his collection of short films on marinelayerproductions.com, Dane Reynolds has proven himself an expert on what constitutes "mind-blowing." Photo: Glaser

1. Feral Kingdom (1995)
"I moved to the beach in 1996. All my friends were surfing. They had rad surf videos that I'd go to their houses and watch. Tyler had Good Times, and all I wanted for Christmas was Good Times. My parents got me Feral Kingdom; it was weird as shit, but it was rad. There's a part where Shane Powell surfs a little right on a yellow board--killing it. I also liked Tom Curren's section where he's longboarding a small right with some native children in the shorebreak with a song about the tribulations of being a cow."

2. Good Times (1996)
"Like I said, my friend Tyler had Good Times. He liked Rob Machado. I was like, 'Nah, I like Justin Poston.' We watched that shit like every day. Kelly didn't have a real section, but he's in it for like a minute, and he's surfing so sick. There's one wave where he's going left, then all of a sudden a right is rifling at him, and he just turns and gets pitted. So sick. We thought it was Emma Wood, but surely it wasn't."

3. Montaj (2002)
"This shit really blew my mind. Taj's airs were on meatier waves, higher than anyone else's, with nice style, always tail up, and he usually was just coming out of a giant barrel. And there were like 750 of them in one movie."

4. Lost at Sea (2000)
"Oh man, that day at Lance's Right--I'd dream of that shit. There's lots of memorable surfing here. Chris Ward's tube-riding and airs at Lance's…actually everyone's surfing at Lance's. And that session at Thunders, where Andy and Wardo are trading off barrels and getting all competitive. There's a section of Cory Lopez at Macaronis surfing better than anyone on Earth."

5. Lost Across America (1999)
"The Ventura section. It was like, 'Holy shit, I surf with these dudes every day, and here they are in a real surf video!' A sick surf video. Pro surfing seemed so attainable. I'd be like, 'Oh my god, I was out that day. I saw that happen, and now I'm watching it in a surf video.'"

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