SURFER and Rusty’s 50 Year Quiz Quiver Giveaway

50 Questions Spanning The Course of Both Company's Existence

As promised, SURFER and Rusty teamed up to appease the surf trivia nerds of the world. Here we have fifty questions spanning the course of both company’s existence – and not to mention some valuable nuggets of surf history in the mix. Most of the answers can be found by poking around – especially the 50 Greatest Surfers of All Time List or Fill out the information below, then submit your answer sheet to and you could win a full Rusty quiver. Sound good? You may begin.

1. How many issues of SURFER Magazine have been published?

2. What is the name of Jamie O'Brien upcoming epic surf film?

3. How many women are featured in the 50 Greatest Surfers of all time list?

4. How many surfboard models are on

5. Which surfer was on the first cover in January 1960?

6. What Rusty Team member won the 2009 Coldwater Classic in Santa, Cruz, CA?

7. Which former SURFER Editor was an Editor at both SURFER and SURFING Magazine?

8. What Rusty team member recently scored not one, but TWO perfect tens in the same Bali surf contest?

9. What is name of the surfboard model that has a double wing rail tail and can be set with a tri, quad or 5 fin system?

10. Who is the current Editor of SURFER Magazine?

11. What Rusty boardshorts are made from recycled bottles?

12. Who is the only bodyboarder prominently featured in the fifty greatest surfers of all time?

13. What Rusty team rider hosts Fuel TV's "New Pollution" in addition to surfing?

14. Which photographer has shot the most SURFER Covers?

15. What old school Rusty vid features Tony Hawk and the Hobgood brothers?

16. Who was SURFER's Editor for almost the entire 1990s?

17. What board model did Kelly Slater inspire Rusty Preisendorfer to make?

18. What year did SURFER go monthly?

19. What is Jamie O'Brien's favorite Rusty surfboard model?

20. Who was John Severson's famous nextdoor neighbor at Cotton's point in the late 1960s?

21. What is Nate Yeomans' go-to Rusty board?

22. What is Rusty Preisendorfer's favorite local wave (hint: he lives in San Diego, CA)?

23. How many team surf riders are featured on

24. What year was Rusty born?

25. How many wake team riders are featured on

26. Name the three greatest surfers of all time according to SURFER’S 50 Greatest list.

27. What wave is literally located in Jamie O'Brien's back yard?

28. What is the name of the classic article featuring Rabbit Bartholomew and Shaun Thomson that allegedly changed the face of professional surfing?

29. What Rusty team member constantly releases killer web clips under the name Kerrazy Productions?

30. What Rusty team member won the 2009 Padang Padang Invitational?

31. What is the name of Rusty's mascot?

32. What is Rusty's initiative to enhance the surfing experience while helping sustain our planet's rapidly shrinking natural resources?

33. What year was the famous R-dot logo born?

34. What year did Rusty shape his first board?

35. What board model does Josh Kerr prefer?

36. What year did Rusty Shaper Mike Russo start shaping?

37. How many pages is SURFER’S August 2007 issue, the biggest surf magazine ever printed?

38. When was Kelly Slater's first profile?

39. Who was on the first cover charging Sunset?

40. Who has worked as both Editor and publisher of SURFER?

41. What former SURFER Editor wrote the film Riding Giants?

42. In what year did Dave Parmenter's column "Everybody Surfs" first appear?

43. What journalistic team brought back the 1984 cover story on Tavarua?

44. What year did Puerto Escondido, the Mexican Pipeline first appear in SURFER?

45. What year did Simon Anderson introduce the thruster?

46. What year was the first SURFER Poll?

47. Who won the first SURFER Poll?

48. What is the name of Rick Griffin's cartoon character who first appeared in SURFER in 1961?

49. When was The Surfer shortened to SURFER?

50. Which Surfer art director helped revolutionize magazine design?

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