Garrett McNamara on what is being hyped as the 100-foot wave. Photo: Tó Mané courtesy of Billabong XXL

It was a big Monday in Portugal. An explosive cyclogenetic storm sent waves of the XXL variety to Nazaré, off the central coast of Portugal, and there were tow teams at the ready. Garrett McNamara, who set a highly-contested world record there in 2011 by catching this “90 foot” wave (later determined to be a 77.76 footer), was back at it again, and early claims for the wave pictured above are coming in hot at around 100 ft.

Here are some clips from the day, you be the judge. How big was GMac’s wave on Monday? Did he break his own world record? Should he own the record in the first place?

VIDEO: Big Wave Surfing Nazaré

VIDEO: Big Monday