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Twofers don't get much easier than this. Huntington Beach, is smack dab in the middle of the Los Angeles/Orange County megaplex and easy to reach from any direction. And it's only 90 miles to Mountain High, with no twisty mountain roads to slow you down — get lucky with the traffic and it will take less than an hour-and-a-half.

This is the trip for the whole family; surfers, skiers, and snowboarders of any ability level will find plenty to keep themselves busy and stoked in the lineups of Huntington Beach and the slopes and terrain parks at Mountain High. It doesn't even require much planning; got a jonesing for some snow after a morning surf? You're skiing by lunch.

They don't call Huntington Beach Surf City for nothing. There are more surf shops and surfers per square foot here than just about anywhere else on earth. After strolling through surf history at the Surfer's Walk of Fame, a cement walkway filled with the imprints of surf luminaries, head to the pier where you just may end up surfing with a Hall of Famer if the conditions are right. And they often are, especially when Santa Anas blow in the winter, sculpting pier waves into racy little barrels. Both sides of the pier offer consistent surf over well-shaped sandbars all year long, but the south side really shines during wintertime west swells. If you get tired of bumping rails with hungry groms in the shadows of the pier pilings, just drift down the beach until you find your own peak—there's always room for more at Huntington.

Huntington Beach doesn’t often look this good, but it’s as consistently surfable a break as your liable to find in Southern California. Photo by Woody Woodworth

Pick your way through the iconic Huntington Surf and Sport shop just across from the pier, than grab a quick bite at the legendary Sugar Shack on Huntington's Main Street. It's time to before jump in the car and head for the San Gabriel Mountains, which seem close enough to reach out and touch on clear winter mornings.

Hop on Interstate 605 to skirt Long Beach and East L.A. before heading into the heart of the San Gabriel Valley on the 10 (or the 210 — now you're having a classic SoCal argument!), before the 15 takes you up and over the eastern flank of L.A.'s highest peak: the 10,000-foot Mt. San Antonio. Come around the north side on Highway 138 to the 2 and there you are.

Whether or not you find ramps in Huntington in the morning, Mountain High always provides. Photo by Chris Wellhausen

Three different resorts share the Mountain High property: East, West, and North, all of which offer something different to stoke out riders of all abilities. West Resort draws freestyle fans with terrain parks and technical runs for advanced riders, East Resort is loaded with moguls and glades, and North Resort boasts 70 acres of easy runs and super fun tubing for beginners.

Whatever your speed on the slopes, you're covered. Mountain High offers an incredible array of wintertime action in an unbeatable location.