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This black diamond twofer is a true California wilderness experience, taking you from San Francisco's rugged Pacific coast to the top of Donner Pass near Truckee. Carve up mountain-sized waves at dawn before hitting the road to carve up actual mountains at the OG snowboarding mecca of Boreal. If the waves are pumping and you opt for a longer morning surf session, fear not, even latecomers can get in plenty of runs since Boreal offers some of the state's best night riding under the lights.

The morning soundtrack is a combination of ship horns as vessels pass beneath the Golden Gate Bridge and the staccato rumble of winter surf pouring into Ocean Beach. Called "OB" or simply "The Beach" by the locals, this four-plus miles of shifting sandbars generates some of the best sand-bottomed waves on the planet.

Luke Davis on a black-diamond run at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Photo by Chachi

Sure, the water may often reach the low fifties, but that's okay because the western side of San Francisco, where Ocean Beach lies, is chock-a-block with excellent coffee and pastry joints for a morning warmup, all open early, catering to a beanie-wearing crowd with big surfboards strapped to their roofs. If you don't feel like choosing, refuel after your session with a latte and toast from legendary Trouble Coffee on Judah Street. Then it's time to hit the road.

The drive is easy—just a straight shot east on Interstate 80. You'll share the highway with plenty of Subarus with snowboards on the roof as you head through downtown San Francisco, across the Bay Bridge, and then through the flatlands of the Central Valley. Once you pass Sacramento, the drive gets more interesting as the hills and streams of California's Gold Country appear.

By the time the winter wonderland views of the Sierra begin filling your windshield, your frozen feet will have had plenty of time to thaw out. It's a good thing, as you'll need them to experience all that Boreal Mountain has to offer.

Hitting the road early from San Francisco will guarantee you time to board at Boreal in the same day. Whether or not you do it with half the style of Scott Blum, pictured here, is another story entirely. Photo by Mark Clavin

Boreal is the freestyle gem of the Truckee-area resort lineup. One of the first terrain parks ever built, Jibassic, returns to Boreal this winter, stocked with plenty of rails and boxes for all your hucking needs. Or hit the California Wave Pool to carve up berms, blast over table tops, and flow through the rhythm section. If you need to perfect your air skills, Woodward Tahoe Bunker offers an indoor training center—twist and flip over foam blocks in the afternoon before taking your new bag of tricks to the snow. If you're not quite ready to leave the saltwater behind, there's even a pirate-themed terrain park complete with ridable features like cannons and ship masts.

Don't sweat running out of time either. Boreal flicks on the lights to let you continue shredding under the clear Truckee night skies until 9 PM. Not quite ready for the aprés party to end at the slopes? The nightlife of Truckee is only eight miles away.