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If your head is turned by only the most electric, high-flying, cutting-edge performance in the water and on the snow, this twofer between San Clemente and Bear Mountain will have your head spinning. It's only a bit over one hundred miles and two hours from Southern California's best performance wave, Lower Trestles, to the lift lines at Bear Mountain. Just enough time to refresh and reload on your way from the sunny surf to the frozen turf.

Don't be fooled by San Clemente's sleepy, small-town vibe. The picturesque seaside bluffs are lined with family-filled suburban homes and the downtown is the postcard image of Main Street USA, but this is the beating heart of America's surf industry. That guy ordering his breakfast burrito ahead you at Pedro's Tacos, or the girl sipping on a margarita at the legendary La Siesta, just might be top-ten surfers on the World Championship Tour. The whole area is absolutely loaded with pro surfers and surfers so good you'll just assume they're pros.

Keanu Asing knows that Lowers isn’t the only break holding A-plus surf in San Clemente. Here, he arcs just up the beach at Uppers. Photo by Grant Ellis

And you'll be rubbing rails with plenty of them when you surf Lower Trestles, a watery skatepark that breaks all year, the long. The roping walls at Lowers are blistered with red-hot surfing from the world's best aerialists and power carvers. And Lowers is just one section of a series of cobblestone points that break in southern San Clemente; Upper Trestles is nearly as good a wave just a short walk north of Lowers, and dreamy Church breaks just to the south. Closer to town, the shreddable peaks of T-Street have raised surf royalty from Matt Archbold to Kolohe Andino. Need a board for your Trestles experience? The HQs of …Lost Surfboards, Timmy Patterson, Sharp Eye, and Cole Surfboards, among many others, line San Clemente's side streets.

And did we mention the endless summer of San Clemente is just a few clicks over 100 miles from the snow-capped San Bernandino mountains and world class terrain parks of Bear Mountain? Get out of the water by 10 am and it will feel shorter than that as you drive through the east side of Orange County and the Chino Hills. Next, zoom through the Inland Empire, with San Georgonio Mountain looming to the east as you rise into the San Bernandino range.

Jordan Small, going big at Bear Mountain. Photo by Chris Wellhausen

At 8,200 feet in elevation, Bear Mountain maintains 14 terrain parks and the only halfpipes in Southern California. The mountain's snowboarding credentials are so legit, it played host to the first Winter X Games back in 1997, and it's locals have defined freestyle riding for the better part of two decades.

Bear typically boasts plenty of snow in the winter, and even in the late season Bear Mountain's trails are covered with cutting edge snowmaking machines, so you’ll find consistent snow conditions all season long, regardless of snowfall.