The Volcom Pipe Pro finals day, a “Super Bowl of Surfing” of sorts, was an exciting blend of expected outcomes and surprises.

For example, it's no shock Jamie O’Brien would make the final, the event is in his backyard. Nor that Josh Moniz would too. Moniz is a young man that was reared on the North Shore and is mentored by Pipe pioneers. However, it was unexpected that these experienced Pipe surfers would share a final with Cam Richards, a confident ripper from South Carolina. Seeing a “W. Dantes” in a Pipe final’s bracket isn’t the most shocking news but the fact that it was Weslley, not Wigolly was also unexpected.

“It’s as good as Pipeline can get,” O’Brien commented on the conditions, an observation he solidified with his 10 in the final. But O’Brien’s backup score wasn’t good enough and Moniz won the event with a pair of high eights. But then again, it makes perfect sense that all four of these surfers were in the final based on their incredible performances not only on finals day but throughout the whole event.

Other welcome sights: Carlos Munoz’s perfect 10 at Backdoor was quite a thing. Also: Noa Deane’s making the semis despite his apathy towards the jersey and minimal Pipeline experience was a bonus.

Congratulations to Josh Moniz, the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro Champion!

Perfect 10! 🙌🔥 | @munozcali #VolcomPipePro @volcomsurf

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