Carissa Moore Moves On

After eight years with Roxy, Carissa Moore is heading off to perhaps greener—or at least more caffeinated and neon-streaked—pastures, signing on with Red Bull and Nike 6.0. "I am so stoked," she says. "This is so new I haven't got my stickers yet, but hopefully I will get them soon."

Having been with Roxy for all of her professional surfing career, the 16-year-old is both excited for a change and appreciative of all that Roxy has done for her. "Carissa Moore has grown up with the Roxy brand and will forever be part of our history," says Randy Hild, Executive Vice President of Roxy. "We regret losing Carissa but understand that the process of growing up means taking different journeys. We are grateful for all she has given to our brand and couldn't be prouder."

Though Carissa's been out of the spotlight for the past year or so while she focuses on school, there is no doubt that if/when the 11-time NSSA champion decides to return to competition, she will be a dominant force on the women's surfing front.

"We're super psyched to have her be part of the Nike 6.0 program," says Jason Kenworthy of Nike 6.0. "She's pretty much one of the best girls to step foot on a surfboard—she's one of the most progressive, naturally gifted stylists. We will continue to support her and help her fulfill her dreams—whether that be contests or free surfing."