2009 SurferMag.com Web Clip of the Year Submissions

Some Of The Submissions Were Too Good To Keep To Ourselves

We put the call out for SurferMag.com Web Clip of the Year submissions, and, man, did we get an enormous response. Some of this stuff was just too good to keep to ourselves, so we figured we'd give you a taste of what's out there on the vast expanse that is the world wide inter-web.

Our call for submissions is still going, so if you've got a clip worthy of submission or have seen some jaw-dropping footage online, please send them our way at webclip@surfermag.com to help usher in the first-ever Surfer Poll award honoring made-for-web film projects.

For now, enjoy the following batch of submissions:

THE PURSUIT SURF MOVIE- Dance off – Tanner vs Seabass

PowerlinesTV // Mexican Adventures from Powerlines Productions on Vimeo.

Mad Clips Bells Beach Fantasy Surfer Break-Down from josh coville on Vimeo.

The bar has been set. Keep ’em coming.