Aaron Gold’s life was saved today after the big-wave surfer was found floating in the lineup at Cloudbreak. Photo: Glaser

It's been reported that Hawaiian charger Aaron Gold narrowly escaped death today while surfing massive Cloudbreak. Gold, who put on one of the most fearless and inspiring performances in big-wave surfing this winter, reportedly fell on a bomb and was later found floating face down in the lineup.

A Jet Ski apparently spotted Gold and whisked him to a larger boat in the channel where lifesaving efforts from other surfers and water patrol were administered. On board, Gold was said to be foaming at the mouth and coughing up blood, but was revived after extended CPR was performed. The latest reports state that he'll be transported from Tavarua to a hospital in Fiji for further treatment.

This is a fluid story and details of the event are bound to further unfold. At the end of the day, we're happy to hear that Gold is still with us and are thankful for the team that saved his life today.