Ad Sparks Debate

Rusty Ad Featuring SUP Cartoon Causes Controversy

In our February issue, on newsstands now, the above Rusty advertisement received mixed responses. It has since incited quite a debate that started in the SURFER online forum, and has spilled out into our inboxes and phone lines. What do you think? Is it harmless cartoon humor, or tasteless and offensive? Below are a few quotes taken from the forums and inboxes.

"I will not be buying any Rusty merchandise of any kind ever again. You probably don’t care about that as I only have one Rusty hoodie that my wife bought me for Christmas two years ago. It will be donated." – Strand Leper

“Just want to drop you guys a note to let you know, although you have the right to publish the Rusty ‘Anti-SUP’ soft goods ad, I also have the right to drop your publication from my monthly SUP, sail and surf reading lists…Thank God SUP, Sailing and Surfing will survive because of the Aloha spirit, not ‘grade school’ quality ads like Rusty's that are just stirring the pot!” – Dan Myers

"I just may go out and buy a Rusty t-shirt today." – Tri-Fins Are Dangerous

"If they put that ad on a tee shirt, it might sell pretty well." – Random Guy

"I guess all you grouchy old men lose your sense of humor with every year you get older. It's just a cartoon and if it had been the other way around you guys would have loved the ad." – Goldy Locks

"This hatred has gone too far. We must learn to be tolerant." – Klynch

"I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s a CARTOON. I laughed when I saw it. Nothing to get offended over." – Val