After Hours at Seaside

Spotlights, jet skis, and live music hit North County for Nike's nightsurfing event

Last night Nike submerged a few waterproof lights, setup a smoke machine, brought in the San Diego-based band Wavves to play a live set, and invited anyone in the area to share an after-dark session with a handful of their team riders. The results: surreal but entertaining. Here're a few shots from the evening.

The lights come up as the sun goes down at Seaside. Photo: Lowe-White

Jake Marshall (left), Taylor Clark (right), and their buddy talk over the finer points of surfing in the dark--like being blinded by spotlights in knee-to-waist-high surf. Photo: Lowe-White

Granger Larsen lays into the Seaside peaks post-sunset. Photo: Lowe-White

Dusty Payne, milking a small one through the inside. Photo: Lowe-White

After hours of in-flight purgatory traveling from Oz, Laura Enever was happy to take a dip in the Pacific. Photo: Lowe-White

Noah Beschen, an especially easy character to spot thanks to an all-white suit and a strategically placed luminescent necklace. Photo: Lowe-White

Taylor Clark and friend, checking out the live feed on land. Photo: Lowe-White

Nick Marshall, stepping into the limelight. Photo: Ellis

Seaside local Austin Ware indulges in the artificially lit antics. Photo: Lahr

Wavves rocked through their live set, inspiring plenty of grom moshing in the process. Photo: Ellis