America, America…

It’s the 4th of July, a day when everyone living in the US of A wakes up brimming with patriotism and goes to bed nursing a horrible sunburn.

It’s a day that most every red-blooded American will pack up the car with anything that could ever be used at the beach, grab the requisite bags of ice and American-brewed suds, head out early enough to find parking (often finding a spot in a landlocked zip code) and post up for the day in the spirit of independence. Why? Because America, dammit.

But while every American will practice this ritual while humming the star spangled banner, surfers should be a little more dialed than anyone—beach hangs fit squarely in our wheelhouse. We should have a little advantage over the general public on this most coveted of beach days. After years of research, we know the little shortcuts to avoid beach traffic, the spot with the cheapest breakfast burrito, and exactly what the traffic, winds, tides, insects, etc., will be doing. Additionally, we should come just a little better prepared than the Croc-wearing masses from inland, with the right combination of gear for the line-up, the BBQ and the fireworks.

Below, you’ll find a collection of good time, durable products that are sure to enhance your Independence Day, including a lot of gear made right here in the USA.

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