SURF AUTHOR ILL: Allan Weisbecker Needs Support

It has just come to our attention that one of the world’s best known surf-writers, Allan Weisbecker, (In Search Of Captain Zero, Cosmic Banditos) has fallen seriously ill and could use all of the support he can get. The information came our way via Weisbecker’s Down South Perspective, a periodical newsletter Weisbecker sends to readers around the globe spouting any and all thoughts and updates – most surf-related. After a noticeable absence of updates, his web manager and friend, John Benedetti, sent us this:

Many of you may be wondering why Allan has not responded to inquiries and feedback related to his last DSP about his return to Costa Rica. The fact is, Allan is seriously ill and has not been able to check email.

Friends have asked that I keep the details of his illness private for now, so I’m going to respect their wishes and say only the following:

He is seeking treatment and his condition is treatable (as in curable) if things go well in the next few days; though, as I write this, he is fighting for his life.

I have set up a message board/guestbook for those of you who would like to show your love and support for Allan. Please take a moment to sign it and send some positive thoughts his way. Your support has always been extremely important to him… now more than ever.

The message board is at


John Benedetti
Bandito Books

The following is an excerpt from Allan’s last update:

Hi folks,

Thanks to all who have written wishing me well and improved health (the Lyme disease); please forgive my not responding. As I say, my energy level and writing ability are impaired.

Nevertheless, I’ll try to update you here about a couple things of note.