Anastasia Ashley On Her MTV Reality Show

Anastasia filming for her

Anastasia filming for her "World of Jenks" episode. Photo: Courtesy of Anastasia.

While Anastasia Ashley proved her competitive prowess back in April by becoming the 2010 Women's Pipeline Pro champion, the 23-year-old is perhaps better known for modeling for magazines like FHM, doing commercial work for Old Spice, and filling the role of the "pretty surfer girl" in numerous mainstream outlets. Most recently, MTV filmmaker and creator of World of Jenks, Andrew Jenks, followed Anastasia for one week, documenting her life. SURFER Magazine sat down with Anastasia to talk to her about her alternative pro surfing career and her MTV reality show airing tonight.

Are you nervous how MTV might portray you?

No, not at all. I think their programming is the voice of this generation. The show won't be like The Hills; it's all real, no scripts, no shot lists, and definitely no-re takes. I filmed the less-than-glamorous aspects of my life, so hopefully people will see the truth behind what really goes down. I see it as a video diary for my life.

What was that like having a camera crew follow your every move?

It was at first a little awkward having an entourage of about 15 people with you at all times. It made going out to eat kind of a problem. But I would say after the first two days I somewhat forgot about the cameras. And everyone who worked in production was very cool.

Can we expect any classic MTV love drama?

Yes, of course! [laughs] No, it's just a quick glimpse into my life and the craziness of losing a heat and having to deal with the pressures that can come from the media. And when it airs it will be my first time seeing it.

Between this MTV show and all your modeling/commercial work, do you view yourself as a brand first then a pro surfer?

I never see myself like that, to be honest. I've never thought of myself as anything besides a surfer. Some people think I'm trying to portray something else, but I'm just being myself.

Anastasia Ashley. Photo: Russo

Photo: Russo

But you have a job where you have to fit a certain image, right?

I'm in the position now where my sponsors support me in what I want to do. I don't like to censor myself, and I feel like there's no need to be anyone but myself, because at the end of the day, I have to live with myself and I have to be proud of what I do.

How do you find a balance being a pro surfer with everything else?

It's difficult, but you have sponsor obligations, and you want to make them happy, and sometimes that requires doing interviews and being in the media. It's not something I go out and actively seek. I'm just lucky enough where I get unique opportunities and I just take what comes to me.

How should people view Anastasia Ashley right now and ten years from now?

Like I said, I'm just being myself. I'm just doing what I want to do and you can love it or hate it. So I want people just to kind of remember me as someone who is independent, strong, and loves surfing.