7’6″ x 21″ x 2.5″

"Jeff McCallum ordered this Bertlemann-esque swoosh design," says master laminator Alex "Superwolf" Villalobos, pictured here holding a board featuring his beautiful handiwork. "That design is on a lot of Larry Bertlemann's Hawaiian Pro Designs boards. I'm pretty sure back then they would do this with an airbrush, but we did it with fiberglass and resin. It's more time consuming than doing colored gloss, but it looks cool. I probably could've done it in one long-ass day, but between working on other boards and wanting to let the resin cure overnight so it would all come out nice and clean, it took me about four days. I think the original vision was going to be a tan where the hot pink is, but then we realized something bright would look pretty cool up against that burgundy."

[This feature originally appeared in SURFER Magazine Volume 59, Issue 4]

Check out Superwolf’s “In the Shaping Bay” below.