Australian slab-hound Andrew Mooney takes us on a wild ride through his road to recovery and on his hunt for heavy waves in his new short. Last year, Mooney completely tore the ligaments that hold his ankle together, surfed the Red Bull Cape Fear event a week after his injury (despite barely being able to walk) and then did a 10-month stint on crutches with no surf.

Mooney decides to celebrate his healed ankle by driving 26 hours straight into the South Australian desert to surf some isolated heavy slabs for his first session back in the water. Like his injury, his surf safari is filled with unexpected challenges of its own. Mooney says, “Often I find myself wondering, ‘if these risks weren’t there, would it be as much fun?'”

What Mooney does for fun, most would deem insane. Watch, “Andrew Mooney’s Outback Comeback.”