One For the Groms: Bruce and Andy's 5th Annual Pine Trees Event Goes Off!

I woke up kind of early Saturday morning to help set up the rest of the tents for the 5th Annual Pine Trees Classic, pretty much ready for it to rain like it always does in Kauai, but it was clear, like Bruce and Andy had ordered the sun for the day or something. It started early and went all day. It was crazy. There were kids everywhere: 10 and under, 10 to 12 years old, boys, girls, menehune, wahine, kids just going off everywhere.

Andy, Bruce, Kamalei and I all managed to sneak away in the middle of the day for a quick surf. We all broke our boards on our first waves. We went back to the contest and the two brothers got swarmed. By then Tamba had cranked up the shave-ice machine. He must have made over 700 cones.

Then there are the awards: The place goes absolutely wild. It seems like five years ago when this thing got started there was like one tent and a few kids on the beach. Now there are banners everywhere, a whole tent city is set up; it's amazing to see how big the Pine Trees contest has gotten. The winners get roundtrip airfare to surf Nationals. I know that's something that's important to Bruce and Andy, to help a few local kids go out into the world.

It was one of those perfect days at the beach, where the barbeque is smoking all day, the sun is out, the waves are fun, the kids have fun, everybody that comes down has fun. It's great to see all of these pro surfers giving back. Bruce and Andy here, Shane Dorian has his deal on the Big Island, Ian Walsh has his thing on Maui, Ross Williams, Rob Machado, even Occy, they are all making sure the kids have a place to surf and feel important, even if it's just for a day. I can't imagine if I had something like this to go to when I was little. It rained the next day, and then I've heard that the bridge went out on Monday, so I guess it was a special day.


MENEHUNE – 6-8 years old
1. Seth Moniz
2. Mainei Kinimaka
3. Jackson Littlefield
4. Kahi Davis
5. Camillia Vernon
6. Noah Moniz

BOYS – 9-10 years old
1. Kaioli Kahokuloa
2. Jacob Langridge
3. Iona Lo’i
4. Christian Potter
5. Joshua Moniz
6. Dorin Blanchard

BOYS – 11-12 years old
1. Troy Kai Weston Webb
2. Daniel Bocater
3. Isaiah Moniz
4. Elliot Leon
5. Keola Carreira
6. Ray Kleiman

GIRLS – 9-10 years old
1. Maluhia Kinimaka
2. Tatianna Weston Webb
3. Takara Carreira
4. Renee Steiner
5. Keila Chamberlain
6. Shelby Williams

GIRLS – 11-12 years old
1. Alisha Gonsalves
2. Kona Kai Wilson
3. Anabelle Marvin
4. Shelby Cocke
5. Kelia moniz
6. Alana Andrews