Twenty-seven year old Austin Ware is happy. As he should be, Ware is sitting in 2nd place on the WQS ratings after finishing with a 9th at the 6-star prime Scotland event and a 2nd at the 6-star prime Durban event. But it’s the Carne Asada burrito he’s about to launch into that has his spirits up. Ware sees the big picture and this global view directs him to think one step at a time. Right now, consumption of the burrito is at hand. After seven years of grinding on the WQS a singular style of focus is the only view afforded this veteran.

If you never witnessed Ware’s attack (on the waves not the burrito), imagine Simon Anderson meets Brad Gerlach. Powerful big turns combined with stiletto-like precision. His style and power are perfectly suited for WCT Dream Tour events. We caught up with Ware in California after his return from an editorial trip to Puerto Escondido where he reports scoring fun tubos. We thought it a good idea to present to you some light-hearted banter from Mr. Ware in what we here at SURFER Magazine call HUMAN TOUCH.

Would you walk down the road nude for a charity or a social cause?
AUSTIN WARE: Umm… yes, but it would have to be a charity that I was pretty passionate about because I don’t think people want to see how hairy I am.

What surfer do you most admire?
AUSTIN WARE: Rob Machado for his overall casual approach to life. I really admire his surfing. He’s a guy that every young North San Diego County surfer looks up too. He makes everything seem so easy.

What is your favorite TV show?
AUSTIN WARE: Probably a toss up between The Office and Family Guy. The Office had a shocker of a season because of the writers strike, so probably Family Guy.

Who is your favorite character on Family Guy?
AUSTIN WARE: Quagmire. The real perverted skinny loon.

Do you watch American Idol?
AUSTIN WARE: No not really into that show?

Do you have girlfriends in every land?
AUSTIN WARE:(Laughs) No. I have friends in every place I go though.

You mean… like girlfriends?
AUSTIN WARE:(laughter) Get outta here. There is a girl in France that I’ve been hangin’ with.

Who on the WQS pulls in the most chicks?
AUSTIN WARE: The Gudauskas’ do pretty well. Pat.

What’s you favorite mainstream sport?
AUSTIN WARE: I don’t know if I have one. I guess basketball.

Do you believe in God?

How do you explain the universe?
AUSTIN WARE: I don’t need to explain it. I believe I make my own choices in life and there is nothing controlling me other than myself. I don’t need to explain it because it doesn’t affect my life.

Can you spell desert?
AUSTIN WARE: D-E-S-E-R-T. Or is that dessert? There another e in there isn’t there?

Do you jam Guitar Hero?
AUSTIN WARE: I’ve never played it.

How many world titles does Tom Curren have?

Are you going to qualify?
AUSTIN WARE: Yeah, I have good start and I’m looking forward to putting myself in a position to be on the dream tour.

Have you prepared yourself for life after competitive surfing?
AUSTIN WARE: I take online college classes while I’m traveling the world. This last semester I took a web-designing course. Stuff to just keep me up-to-date. I’ve taken Sociology, English, and Psychology…some other classes as well. So while I’m doing the ‘QS I’m still educating myself. It’s good to keep the brain working.

Do you ever partake in crossword puzzles?
AUSTIN WARE: No. But my mom is into Sudoko. I’ve done a few of those puzzles.

What about Stand Up Paddle surfing?
AUSTIN WARE: I kind of like it. It’s a good workout. As long as they do their own thing…if they’re not running people over it is fine. But I guess that’s true of any surfer. Beginners should be off to themselves though.

When was the last time you hung ten?
AUSTIN WARE: Hmmmm… I don’t know if I’ve ever hung ten. Last time I longboarded was last summer, but I didn’t hang ten. I’m too scared (laughs).