In its second day and with only two more days left of voting, emotions are running high, palms are getting sweaty, nerves are racing, and tempers are beginning to flare.

Early last week, Marine Layer Productions creator/author Dane Reynolds was quoted as saying he would be a no-show for his heat. But despite being a no-show, Dane is running away with the lead in his Round 1 match-up.

The battle over the title of the biggest triple threat is getting close between 3 Slobs and The Three Tree Blog. Currently, Three Tree is out in front with 55% of the votes. Will 3 Slobs rise to the occasion or will they lie down and accept defeat?

In what could be one of the more surprising leads in the Battle, PostSurf has a commanding lead over surfing's debauchery insider Nugable. Despite not having a new post in a nearly year, PostSurf enthusiasts have showed up to vote. If Nugable fans do come out, look for Nugable to make a last minute dash for victory.

The crazy life and antics of Paul "Fishtales" Fisher currently seem to be more appealing than life on the World Tour, as he currently has one of the largest leads in the battle. Fisher has been spotted on Facebook recruiting voters, while In Surf News blogger Freddy P is patiently waiting to attack with his strong Hawaiian contingent.

World Champ Steph "Happy" Gilmore might lose her first race in sometime to nude girl model aficionado Dion Agius. Steph will have to kick it into gear, as she only has 39% of the votes.

And finally, Joel Parkinson is out seeking revenge on the reigning World Champ Mick Fanning. We all know you can't count out the Champ, but with Parko having 68% of the votes, Mick is going to have to pull every trick out of his bag to win this title.

Time will only tell which one of these bloggers will move onto the next round, and get one round closer to lifting the Battle of The Blogs Trophy high above their head.