Bayvi and Swell Collaboration: Free Custom board by Brice Surfboards

The winter months roll upon us, bringing us line after line of NW groundswell marching across our loved Pacific. What better time than to collaborate for a free custom surfboard?

Quickly-emerging apparel brand BAYVI, ( has recently teamed up with SWELL.COM in their latest collaboration efforts.

Simple and creative: Enter a draw to win a free, 100% custom-shaped surfboard shaped by BAYVI’s own Team Shaper, Brice Yamashita of Brice Surfboards. No purchase or fee required.

According to BAYVI Owner Ron Peterson, “We’ve been brainstorming with Swell and Brice on this, and we’re so stoked to partner up with them in a creative fashion. We’re now starting to get our Winter Swells, and who couldn’t use a new magic board about now? has been one of the premier online bringers of action-sports apparel since the beginning days of the WWW. We really enjoy a great relationship with them, and combine that with an opportunity to collaborate with SWELL and Brice Surfboards?–it all made sense. Many thanks goes to Nicki, Lauren, Beth, Elsa, and Brice for making this all happen.”

For more information and to sign up for your free board, visit:
entry deadline is 11/30/09.
About BAYVI:
BAYVI = “BAY 6” = “Basics”
It's about passions. It's about expressions. It's about the commitment to the 'basics’ of our lives and the VI degrees of connection we share. More than just quality apparel, BAYVI represents a living, breathing identity. A way of life. BAYVI is all about keeping it real and doing things differently. Join the BAYVI 6A at

A shaper of a new generation, Brice Yamashita has emerged from Hawaii in recent years as a talented shaper providing magic rides for professionals and local rippers alike. Mentored by the best, Brice brings a combination of personal waveriding skills and shaping knowledge to shape that magic board. Watch the guy surf. He rips. Ride his boards. They’re magical. A proud rider of the BAYVI Surf Team and designated shaper of Team_VI, the man is constantly innovating, tweaking, and striving to create the perfect board for you. Visit Brice of Brice Surfboards at