BEACHLEY CLASSIC: Day 2 Dispatch From Jessi Miley-Dyer

I reckon it's a pretty gutsy effort to have your own event. I guess Layne woke up one day and went "Wow, seven world titles, what else should I do….run an event? Well why not! And while I'm at it, make it worth a hundred grand, big money has a nice ring to it!" I don't know if everyone appreciates the amount of effort Layne puts in to making the women's tour what it is today. (But enough sucking up). While we don't always get epic, all-time waves, I love this event because it's in my hometown of Sydney. I love taking the girls around the city and showing everyone why we reckon it's the best city in the world!

Layne's comp at Manly is always super important because of the rating points it offers for the girls. Whoever does well in this event has a history of winning the world title—take Steph last year, for instance. So the first two days at the Beachley Classic for 2008, I'm going to say, will be two days that we will look back on as pivotal points in the world-title race for 2008. With Steph being eliminated by 14-year-old Tyler Wright in Round Three, Sofia was pumped in the next heat, scoring an 8.25 to make sure she advanced—and effectively overtaking Steph in the overall points lead.

I lost too, in the heat before Steph, and even when you're not going for the world title, losing sucks. I hate it. There's no fun in walking up the beach when you've lost, and I felt bad for Steph today. I think she knew as soon as she saw Sofia win her heat how fired-up it just made her and Layne.

With Layne announcing her retirement, I'm guessing that this is the last time Manly will see Layne in action, and there's a part of me that would love to see her go out winning her own event at her homebreak. I know how much she wants to win this event and after coming close two years ago. I'm sure she's looking for a final here. With a little windswell on the way in the next few days, hopefully Manly turns it on for the rest of the contest and Layne gets the farewell that's she's dreaming for!

Until then, I'm going t go have a scout for a sponsor my own event at Bronte—the Bronte Bunker Pro! Anyone keen?