GiddyUp offers Harry Bear for Groms

Cool bear skates, surfs, and snowboards.

In early May, GiddyUp Publishing launched the first in a series ofchildren’s action sports books that are not only educational andentertaining but authentic and resonate with today’s active kids.

The demand for action sports programming, merchandise and products isinsatiable! Moreover, there is a real void in the marketplace for authenticwords and imagery for books in the children’s boardsports category.

Aside from being known by just about everyone in the industry, David Giddings (author) has surfed competitively since 1986. He is also an accomplished writer who has been published in many boardsports publications.

Rick Erkeneff (illustrator) has been an art director/designer in the boardsports & entertainment industry for over 10 years. Outside of designingtop-selling surf t-s for many of the leading manufacturers, Rick created avariety of children’s character-based merchandise for Pokemon, Disney (ToyStory I & II), Hanna Barbara and others. He is currently the art directorfor Rusty Juniors.

Both creatives are avid boardsports “lifestyle’ sportsmen who surf, skateboard and snowboard. And both have groms who have served as the baseline litmus for exactly what is hip!

Praise for “Harry”…

“David Giddings has put together a great group of stories about Harry the Bear. The content is very “now” for today’s youth.” – RichardWolcott/Volcom

“Harry is a great children’s hero who is funny, exciting and relevant fortoday’s youth. How could a surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding bear notbe a lot of fun?” – Danny Kwock/Quiksilver

“Harry teaches children important lessons through stories that hold theirattention in a way fairy tales can’t. Today’s kids want modern action andadventure and Harry delivers.” – Bill Sharp/SurfNews

  • Book title: “Harry the Incredible Skateboarding Bear”
  • Author: David Giddings
  • Illustration: Rick Erkeneff
  • Self-published: Giddy Up! Publishing, Newport Beach, CA (949) 640 8740
  • Website: – individuals can purchase on-line
  • Products: Book and merch.