"Because" Premier

Billygoat Productions, Inc. premiers our new movie “BECAUSE” Wednesday night, July 31st, 9:00 PM across from the contest in H.B. at SPARK. Directly after the Surfing party at Dukes, right next door to the theater and above from Huntington Surf and Sport and next door to Freds Bar, this exclusive party is sure to go NUTS!!!!

BECAUSE is the latest release from Billygoat Productions and features extremely fresh footage from todays biggest stars. See Andy and Kalani blow your mind with lightning fast surfing, Joel and Mick destroying waves at their home breaks, Wardo charging perfect tubes, Damien Hobgood launching, Luke Egan smooth as silk, Bobby Martinez forming out, Dean Morrison ripping, and much, much, more.

BECAUSE, sponsored by Dakine and Surfer Magazine, will launch in stores worldwide the first week of August and include an the entire soundtrack on CD.

RSVP with Tera at Billygoat at 949-366-0176 or by e-mail at www.tera@billygoatproduction.com

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