Bede Durbidge Giveaway Presented by Fox


Despite the fact that he's ranked in the Top Five on the World Tour since 2007, Bede Durbidge has remained the least-known member of surfing's elite. But this month, one lucky reader will be rewarded for paying attention, and not only take home a Mt. Woodgee Durbo Signature Model surfboard, but also a massive prize pack from his sponsors, including the Quadrant boardshort, Essex short, Beneath the Remains T-shirt, Peekaboo T-shirt, Expedition backpack, and Super Duncan sunglasses by Fox, two Durbo signature watches by Freestyle, an Xcel Infiniti X-Zip SS fullsuit, the Steez and Flex 45 hats by Flexfit, and a 7’6″ Dual Mission Boardbag, Bede Signature pad, wax, and 5’5″ Super Comp leashes from On A Mission.

To win all that great gear, e-mail the correct answers to the following Bede Trivia questions to

1. At what age did Bede begin surfing?

2. What year did Bede qualify for the World?

3. What's Bede's highest overall rank on Tour?

4. Where was Bede born?

5. How many World Tour events has he won?

6. What size board is Bede's standard go-to board?

7. Who is his trainer? Hint: He's an ex-pro surfer.

8. Besides being the Pipeline Champion, what other prestigious Hawaiian crown has he held?

9. What boardriders club in Australia is Bede a member of?

10. What is Bede's best Tour result of 2010 so far?