Behind The Cover: Outliers

Bobby Martinez, Australia, Photo by Seth de Roulet

Bobby Martinez, Australia. Photo: Seth de Roulet

Bobby Martinez, Australia. Photo: Seth de Roulet

What prize lies out of bounds? In the cover story for our January / February Issue, Outliers, Bobby Martinez found his answer, while filming for the upcoming film, Snapt 3, with friend Asher Pacey beyond the deep reaches of Australia: inside a howling, backlit sand-bottomed pit, one of the day’s many barrels that, in Bobby’s words, “were so flawless, so surreal, they seemed fake.” Photographer Seth de Roulet describes what went into the beachbreak daydream that earned this month’s cover shot:

It was like having the best day at Puerto Escondido in 30 years, without a single person around. Not another soul in sight. Every wave was spitting like Pipeline. It's a cliché thing to say. But there were some waves that would literally blow you off your board if you weren't ready for the spit that was coming. The buoys were 17 feet @ nine seconds, a massive swell, and offshore from sunrise to sunset. Bobby and I planned to meet up with Asher, who gave us some makeshift directions on dirt roads that wound through some random rivermouth in the middle of nowhere. I honestly couldn't believe that we even found the road. But we managed to link up with Asher after driving all night, and we had the most unbelievable beachbreak day ever. Hanging out with Bobby and Asher felt like hanging out with family. It was all smiles, all day, without one bad vibe the whole time. When Bobby stood up inside that barrel on the cover, it was a magical moment, the combination of wave, timing, and position. I would've done water photos that afternoon – I took the shots on the back of a ski – but this place was so sharky. It's the kind of setting where you don't even want your toes in the water.