Behind the Scenes of Steph's World Title Party

Celebration in Full Swing

Celebration in Full Swing

World Tour surfer Jessi Miley-Dyer gives us the back story on Steph Gilmore’s wild World Title Party:

I can't tell you too much, because, you know, what goes on Tour stays on Tour. But what I can tell you is this: We had a massive, out-of-control party of our house—our rented house, with beautiful white, pristine carpet, and neighbors that live very close to us. Like, I'm talking 5 feet away.

I think that the neighbors would have been sweet with everything if we hadn't stolen their bins to put beer in. We needed something to fill with ice, and thus keep the beers cold, rather than our Plan B, which was having everyone trample through the house up to our bathroom where we'd have them in the bathtub. Instead, we took the bins, and at about 10:30 p.m. they went nuts, calling the guy that owns our house, who blew up as well. I don't blame him, really.

What had gone from a few people—most of the Women's Tour and a couple of randoms (at one stage photographer Dave Sparkes was the only male at a party of about 20 girls and he was frothing) turned into most of the local kids (just quietly, I think that they were all stalking Coco Ho) some of the Men's tour and some of Pauline Ado's Euro groupies. Someone brought speakers and so we set up and awesome Britney Spears-themed dance party, with a bit of Miley Cyrus thrown in. For Coco Ho and Bruna Schmidt, we threw a bit of Beyonce in there as well, and everyone was going off. Megan Abubo and I even had a breakdance-off. This was definitely not the highlight of the night though, as neither one of us can really breakdance. I mean, of course, I'm awesome at it, expect to see me on the next season of "So you Think you Can Dance" Australia.

The highlight of the night was definitely Steph dancing around in heart-shaped sunglasses with the world-title cup, drinking champagne out of it and generally waving it around in the air like a)she just don't care and b)a weapon. Mostly everyone had a drink out of it as well, so we all felt special. I think I saw one of the boys spit into it though, so god only knows how many diseases we now all have.

The next day, we woke up to an extremely irate owner and an extremely trashed house. We put all the Rip Curl groms to work cleaning but soon realized that we were going to need a cleaner. Do you know how many cleaners don't answer their phones at 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday? Didn't they know we needed help and quickly!

We ended up getting someone, but they didn't clean our bathrooms. This doesn't sound so bad, but did I mention that we may have blown up our sewage system? The saga continues…. -Jessi