Behind Zero to 100

Lakey Peterson and filmer Aaron Lieber talk about their new surf movie

Women's surfing is progressing at an unparalleled rate, pushing the envelope and demanding our attention. After the 2011 all-girls, high-performance film Leave A Message, it became clear that 18-year-old Lakey Peterson would help redefine modern women’s surfing. Now Peterson has released her own film, Zero to 100, which shot to the top of its category on iTunes and has given gromettes a view of women's surfing in 2013. While catching up with Peterson and Lieber at one of their film's premieres, they gave us a look into their last year filming together.

How was working with Aaron?

Lakey: "It was good. I met Aaron when we were filming Leave A Message a few years ago. I'd just signed with Nike, and I had thought the film came out amazing. He was one of the big guys on the edit team. I always travel with my family, and he came with us the first year. He was there the whole time, which was cool and fun. We work well together. I know when to give him his space, and he can read me as well.”

How was working with Lakey?

Aaron: "We had a conversation before we started where I said 'OK Lakey, when you lose, the camera is going to be in your face.' But then she would lose, and it was hard to actually do because you get to know the person and the family. There were definitely times when she wanted to punch me in the face, and there are always times when people get irritated when traveling together. But I feel like the whole time I got to know her family and her backstory, which made it easier to tell her story and where she came from, and what the rise from zero to one hundred was all about."

Lakey, aside from surfing, how involved were you in making the movie?

Lakey: "Aaron was the only person who edited. The production team was Aaron, John Sinclair who did the music and audio, and myself. I guess my big involvement was that Aaron would sit inside and edit all day long and I would come back and say, ‘I like that, that, and that. I hate that, change that song.’ I probably got on his nerves a lot in that situation, but I was overseeing everything. I had veto rights to anything, that was my role."

Aaron, how did that creative relationship work out?

Aaron: "When you are making someone's story, I get it. I was there and I'll sell it, but a lot of times I would ask, ‘does that make sense for what you want it to be?’ Having that back and forth, that made it so good. If I were just telling her story by myself, it wouldn't be what it is. To have her feedback at the end of the day was really important."

What was your favorite moment during the filming?

Aaron: “We were in New Zealand, where I lived as a little kid, and just to go back there was an amazing experience. You get on a plane, there's no airport security, everyone's so nice, and Lakey had her best result up to that point in the movie, which was cool. We went on a helicopter ride to this place called Jurassic Falls, and it's like something you've never seen before. There are a lot of things that you want to film, and this was something I couldn't film enough of. It was for sure a highlight."

Lakey: "For me, the best moment was when I won the U.S. Open last summer. Everything kind of came together for me then. I hadn't had that great of a result, so it made the story. We were telling the story of my rise, but there was no rise happening [laughs]. That was my 'ah ha' moment, and it comes across in a cool way in the film."

Trailer: Zero to 100

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