THE BEN DUNN Q&A Trestles, Here I Come

Headed into the Boost Mobile Pro at Trestles, WCT rookie Ben Dunn finds himself in the middle of the pack. With a few more good results, he could be well within the Top 16 and among the best of the best on the WCT tour. But a few poor results, and he could potentially see his debut year on the WCT become a bust.

That's the precarious situation that we find him in as the second half of the 2007 Foster's World Championship Tour prepares to get underway at Trestles. Fantasy Surfer caught up with the young Australian to find out what he thought of the first half of the year, his expectations for himself, and who's on his Fantasy Surfer team.

How has your adjustment been from the WQS tour to the WCT tour? More difficult to focus on 10 events or is it easier?

Yeah, 10 events are a lot better. I'm loving the 'CT. It's a whole new lifestyle compared too the 'QS.

Are there any venues on the WCT that you have been especially looking forward to after your years on the QS?

Yeah, I was really looking forward to Snapper, starting the year in my own country. Also Trestles and the beachies in France.

You had a pretty good start to the year, and are now ranked 21st. Did you ever imagine you’d be ranked that high so early in your WCT career?

I was 5th after the 1st event and I've been dropping ever since. I want do good in the next few.

Is there any added pressure surfing in one of the Rip Curl events as opposed to one of the Billabong or Quiksilver events? (Rip Curl is Dunn's primary sponsor)

There's no more pressure. I like surfing in the Rip Curl events because I know most of the guys who run them, and there's a lot more support.

Do you have a travel partner or someone that you spend the majority of time with on the road?

I travel mostly with the guys from Rip Curl.

Does the constant travel wear you out?

It can, but if I'm getting good waves I don't mind.

Have you ever surfed at Trestles before?

Yeah, I've surfed there a couple of times. Hopefully we get a good swell for the event.

On a scale of 1-10 how heavy was the wave in Chile for the Rip Curl Search event?

The wave itself was probably a 7 but because of how close it broke to the rocks it makes it a 9.

Have you ever played Fantasy Surfer or are aware of any friends that play Fantasy Surfer?

Yes, I've been playing it. This is my 3rd year playing Fantasy Surfer. I have about 15 friends in my clubhouse who are into it.

If you were picking a Fantasy Surfer team, who would be your first choice?

I’d normally say Mick (Fanning), but he is really expensive so I now go with Parko (Joel Parkinson) and Taj (Burrow) 2nd.