Van Gysen’s Africa
Alan Van Gysen is a South African photographer who has spent the better part of his life exploring the coastlines of Africa. He has left no stone unturned, and we could think of no one better suited to bring you striking images from the barren plains of Namibia to the Durban city skyline.

Fiji Fires
In one of the most talked-about turn of events this year, the 11-time World Champ blew off the Jeffreys Bay contest in favor of getting barreled in perfect Fijian lefts. People scoffed at this maneuver, thinking that it was disrespectful to the rest of the Tour. But Kelly returned recharged and with a vengeance, making finals appearances in the next three events and taking wins in two of them.

10 Most Photogenic Surfers
Legendary photographer and former SURFER Photo Editor Art Brewer lists his favorite surfers to shoot. Brewer describes what made these talented individuals the most photogenic in the sport, and offers a selection of his favorite images to back it up.

Spanish Gold
Native photographer Juan Fernandez brings us images from one of the most unique surf zones on the planet. From the famed sand-churning barrels of Mundaka, to the more obscure points and river mouths, these photographs show the Spanish coastline at its most spectacular.

Island Addiction
This year East Coast ripper Ben Bourgeois brought Asher Nolan, Zander Morton, and SURFER Staff Photog Chris Burkard to a hidden Caribbean gem. The secluded isle was practically barren, but had what can only be described as one of the most perfect right-hand barrels you can imagine.