BETHANY HAMILTON Q&A: A Session with Bethany

It's easy to forget the fact that there is much more to Bethany Hamilton than the highly publicized teenage surfer who lost her arm in a vicious shark attack in 2003. Behind the veil of all of the publicity surrounding her tragic attack and subsequent return to the lineup, Bethany Hamilton remains a surfer——a very committed one at that. On a recent trip to Kauai, Bethany and I were able to trade a few words between sets.

What have you been up to?

I've been traveling so much it's ridiculous. I just got back from California where I did the U.S. Open and went to the Surfer Poll. That was cool, I had a good time, but I wish we could've won that award. [Bethany's movie, Heart of a Soul Surfer, was nominated for Best Documentary.]

If you were to have a private party, who would you invite?

Ya know, I'm really not a partier, so I don't know. I probably wouldn't have a huge party or anything. Why? Is there a party or something?

[Throughout the session, Bethany is constantly glancing toward the shore to look at her car.]

Is that your truck you're looking at?

Yeah, I'm pretty pumped on it. I love that truck. It's a [silver] 2004 Toyota Tacoma, I'm really stoked on it.

You've had a lot of press in the last few years, is there anyone that helped you out through the media blitz?

Yeah, for sure. My family first and then Jesus. I want to thank Jesus, and my brother Noah.

Is there anyone you shined off that you want to say sorry to?

[Laughs.] Yeah, I'm sure there is, probably a lot of the media. I think I've shined off a few interviews for sure.