Blue Horizon

What do you get when you mix one of the worlds best competitive surfers with one of the worlds best free surfers? You get the exciting new surfing film Blue Horizon.

Starring currently crowned, World # 1 Professional Surfer, Andy Irons and well known “soul surfer” Dave “Rasta” Rastovich. Direction and cinematography will come from award winning filmmaker Jack McCoy. McCoy, a veteran with over 20 surfing films to his credit, Blue Horizon will be his most ambitious production to date. Its release date is planned for Jan 2004 and will be showcased on the big screen around Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe as part of the Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival.

Taking us to new surf territory in exotic locations around the world, Jack McCoy’s film will focus on the lives of the two very different surfers, who in many ways are very much alike. Along their journeys they will acknowledge where surfing has come from, where it is today and where it can go in the future.

McCoy states:
“This is a film that I am really inspired to make because surfing has such a colourful journey from Ancient Hawaiian’s down until today. Thru the eyes of Andy and Rasta, we want to acknowledge the icon’s and milestones in our sport.”

Jack McCoy has worked with many great surfers in his 30-year career, Wayne Lynch, Mark Richards, Gerry Lopez, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo, and Kelly Slater. “For me this is an amazing opportunity to be working with what I consider to be two of the best surfers in the world today. Andy is a totally focused professional who excels in both large and small surf. Dave, on the other hand, is already a wise soul who, at 22 looks at the all aspects of the surfing experience, where it has come from and where it’s is going. The two together are a powerful balance of pure energy that we are hoping to capture”.

Global surf wear company, Billabong, will be presenting the program. “We are excited to be working with Jack again after a three year break from his last film, 9 LIVES. Jack has a true appreciation of surfers and surfing and we know it will be another classic” said Billabong marketing director Andrew Flitton.

The program will be written by Peter Hock and edited by Calli Cerami, both of whom have collaborated with McCoy on past classic’s Bunyip Dreaming, The Billabong Challenge, and OCCY The Occumentary. With principal photography in Australia and Hawaii, The Blue Horizon will take in the best surf it can find through out the world over the next 12 months.

Release dates 2004:Australia in January, New Zealand in March, USA in April and Europe in June.

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broadband BLUE HORIZON

broadband BLUE HORIZON