Did you know there was a big-wave surf contest this weekend? It’s true. On Sunday, the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup, hosted by the Surf Open League, welcomed big-wave chargers from all over the world to compete in Mexico’s most frightening, oversized beach break.

Did you also know that Puerto Escondido was removed from this year’s WSL Big-Wave Tour schedule? It is also true. Nonetheless, WSL Big-Wave Tour Founder Gary Linden partnered with SOL to make sure the event invited some of the biggest names in big-wave surfing. The event also included a women’s division, making it the first-ever women’s big-wave contest in Latin America.

If you missed the day’s action, click below to watch the recap. Although the footage was far from 4k, you’ll notice that the conditions were tricky and unruly, resulting in some pretty heavy wipeouts–including one by North Shore charger Polly Ralda who suffered a knee injury after taking a nasty tumble and a three-wave set on the head. Ralda was taken away on a stretcher, but according to her Instagram she is now A-ok.


San Francisco’s Bianca Valenti and Brazil’s Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca took home the wins in their respective divisions and a nice chunk of change to show for it. Here were the final results:

1. Bianca Valenti
2. Isabelle Leonhardt
3. Keala Kennelly
4. Raquel Heckert
5. Emi Erickson
6. Polly Ralda

1. Lucas Chianca
2. Jimel Corzo
3. Angelo Lozano
4. Sasha Donnanno
5. Jafet Ramos
6. Jojo Roper