Billabong Pro Off For The Day

Consistent 10-Point Rides Predicted

After watching inconsistent shoulder-high sets race down the line all morning, the Billabong Pro, J-Bay was called off for the day. Tomorrow is going to be smaller so the event is unlikely to run.

Everyone knows that surf forecasting is not an exact science, but according to Mike Parsons the event "will run on Monday and Tuesday" with the intent of powering out as much of the event on those two days as possible.

You can take that to mean that, despite the protestations of the surfers themselves, the new format (top 16 seeded through to second round, first round elimination) will probably be implemented with the overlapping heat format system on at least one of the days. With the swell looking to hold through Thursday its safe to say that it will be an action packed few days.

The Occy-Curren clash will, swell depending, either be run in a single 45-minute heat or over three 30-minute affairs.

The small surf on tap this morning, did highlight the sandbar that has formed down the point. Without trying to hype-monger, I will say the banks at Supertubes are as good as I've ever seen them, and the locals are saying the same.

"Last week we were standing at the bottom of the wave and getting barreled, that's all I have to say-it doesn't even look like Supers," said one local who was a little bummed that he wouldn't be surfing the coming week.

Timmy Reyes who saw Dean Morrison's 10-second tube ride the day before the window period confirmed the claim: "We're going to see 10-point rides in just about every heat."

Rest up, sleep at your desk, do whatever you have to do, but make sure to log on to the webcast when things get rolling.