Last week we ran an opinion piece entitled “Why Surf Blogs Matter,” that advocated the merits of surf blogs. In keeping with that opinion, we decided to spotlight some of the surf bloggers that have offered a unique take on the sport, starting with's creator, Steve Nug.

Why did you start your blog? What do you think its purpose is?

I've always been passionate about writing and surfing. A blog is just the easiest and most cost effective way to publish. I started the blog to entertain myself and it has grown quite a bit. Now that more and more people see it, the goal is to entertain them too. I like the fact an idea can pop into my head and I can post it immediately.

Do you think blogs serve the same purpose for professional surfers?

Pro surfer blogs are essentially just conduits to connect with fans and promote oneself and his/her sponsors. So in a way, they are similar.

What constitutes a good blog?

There is not one all-encompassing formula. For some it's good writing. For others it's photography and video. I'm a writer at heart, so I gravitate towards the written word. In reality I'm just a humble motherfucker with the best independent surf blog on the planet. Okay. I was exaggerating a little. I'm not that humble.

Of all the technological advances in communication, why do you think the surf industry has gravitated towards this one?

Have they? To me, it seems the surf media and industry haven't fully embraced the Internet yet. They are stuck in a print mind frame because that has been the bread and butter for years. Especially the surf media. At times it appears they are sitting in the channel waiting for something to happen instead of paddling deep, taking a chance and dropping off the ledge.

Do you feel at all like an industry watch dog? Do you think your readers expect you to point out hypocrisies or absurdities within the surf industry similar to the way viewers expect Jon Stewart to expose absurdities in the mainstream media?

Not really. Sometimes I point out hypocrisies or absurdities within the surf industry. I do enjoy Jon Stewart's comedy, though. One of the best compliments I've ever gotten about Nugable was when someone told me I have the unique ability to make fun of someone and make it so funny that they don't even get mad at me.

Do you think that your decision to do work for Surfline and participate within the framework of "The Surf Media" has affected your relationship with your followers or even the purpose of your blog itself?

I don't know. I can't speak for those who read my blog. Some might not know I was in the so-called surf media before. The surf media can get stale at times—the same old stories recycled over and over again. I figure why not get involved again and shake things up a little….be part of the process and hopefully provide a different voice.